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Welcome to the Web 2.0 Workshop Wiki

Together with colleagues at Language Centre at the Università degli studi di Padova and the Sidelab of the Centro Metid at the Politecnico di Milano, we are offering a series of workshops on the use of Web 2.0 in education and in language learning in particular.




The aim of this wiki is to provide an ever-growing, ever-changing resource for participants of the workshops and anyone else who is interested as well. We hope you will participate, edit and improve this wiki as well as provide us with comments and feedback.


For information contact Sarah Guth, ESL teacher at the Language Centre at the Università degli studi di Padova or Lisa Griggio language assistant at the same institution.


Tips for getting around this wiki.

On the right hand side click on sidebar. There you will find the most important pages and a link to Find Page where you can search for a page.







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